Mercury Studio

Quickly and easily create a powerful management application without coding.

The creation of business applications is often complex and costly in terms of time and human resources. It requires the knowledge of one or even several programming languages as well as the intervention of various players in the world of computers and software.

Mercury Studio, the solution for rapid business applications development without computer coding.

Mercury Studio is a software that allows you to quickly create your business oriented applications. With strong, intuitive and flexible editors, you no longer need to be a programmer to easily create complex and robust applications.

Using its web architecture, you can create, test and distribute your applications in a centralized and secure way.

With Mercury Studio, you only focus on the design process.

Using intuitive data models and user interface editors, Mercury Studio allows you to :

  • Define your business rules and entities in a few clicks without computer coding
  • Create your application features by manipulating your business entities and rules visually and not textually
  • Create your forms for data entry and visualization
  • Create scheduled tasks for your features
Using its integrated technology, Mercury Studio allow you to:
  • Create your business entities in the database
  • Publish your user interfaces to users in a centrally and securely way

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Discover the features of Mercury Studio

Data model
Using its model-driven architecture technology, you can easily create your business entities.

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User interface
Quickly create your data input and visualization forms using intuitive wizards.

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Easily create tasks to run your features.

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Business rules
Easily define your business rules using diagrams without computer coding.

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Test your applications using the integrated sandbox.

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Why using Mercury Studio