Mercury Cloud

A customized business software adapted to small companies and self-employed in the cloud

As a small company or self-employed, you would like to benefit from easy to use and inexpensive customized business software, leaving you time to concentrate on your own business.You want to get rid of all these tedious document encodings, often sources of error, and want to have access to various information quickly, wherever you are, without wasting time searching through your records.

But you are often facing several problems

  • You can not find software that exactly meets your needs.
  • Custom made software are often very expensive.
  • Affordable business softwares does not have all the features you want and are not scalable
  • You always have to worry about the security and backup of your data.

With our Mercury Cloud platform, take care of your business, we take care of the rest

A fast and effective customized software

Using our technology, we quickly create your customized business software according to your needs.

You decide what tasks your software should perform, how to access your information as well as the general appearance of your software.

With Mercury Cloud, you do not have to adapt to your software, your software adapts to you.

An inexpensive software

Why would you pay that much for your on demand software when you could just subscribe to use it?

Your software is provided as a service on our platform in a secure way and as a subscription.

A Scalable software

New features can quickly be added to your software, enabling you to keep your tool up to date.

With our solution Mercury Cloud we guarantee
  • The safety and security of your data
  • Data acces where and when you want on any computer
  • A custom support

Join us?

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Why choose Mercury Cloud

An affordable price
Benefit from your software as a subscription, offering you greater flexibility.
Guarantee of the result
Your subscription starts only when your software is fully operational
Your data is secure, protected and you are the only one who can view it.
Quickly ready
Using our technology, your software is available quickly.
Connect to your software wherever and whenever you want on any computer.
Customized support according to your software.